Why You Should Fix a Hail-Damaged Roof ASAP

Your roof is essential to the safety and security of your home. That’s why you should get it fixed as soon as you discover any damage.


Hail damage in particular can cause problems for you. It may not be obvious from the ground, but this is also exactly why you should have your roof checked after a severe storm.

In this article, Texas Traditions Roofing, a local contractor specializing in roof replacement and repair, discusses a few reasons why you should never ignore hail damage on your roofing.

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Hail Damage on Your Roof

Signs of hail damage usually become apparent only after a few years when it has turned into leaks or other more serious issues. The effect on your roof is gradual, and it all starts when hail knocks off the protective granule coating of the roof shingles. This causes the layer underneath to become exposed, eventually causing these areas to become brittle and susceptible to leaks.

Roof leaks can lead to more extensive damage and expensive roof repair costs. Avoiding these headaches is pretty easy: simply call a roofer to inspect your roof after a severe storm.

File an Insurance Claim Immediately

Insurance companies often recommend filing a claim as soon as possible. This is to ensure repairs will be done in a timely manner and more serious damage will be avoided. If you don’t fix your hail-damaged roof within a reasonable period, complications and additional damage may occur. In this case, your insurance policy may no longer cover any damage caused by neglect.

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