Our support for Brookwood in Georgetown (BiG) started back when Jim Pickel, father to Owner Mike Pickel, gifted BiG their very first grant. BiG has provided a place in our community where adults with disabilities can get a sense of belonging and changes the way the world views adults with special needs.

Owners with BiG Citizen Tim

The roof is what protects a home and all those that live under them, whether they have two legs or four. We proudly support the WilCo Regional Animal Shelter and their mission to provide a safe haven for lost and unwanted pets. We believe even our four-legged friends deserve a loving family and a strong roof over their head.

Texas Traditions Roofing Supports WilCo Regional Animal Shelter

Georgetown High School Track & Field

We are proud supporters of our local high school and their athletic department. That is why we have sponsored our local Georgetown High School Track & Field athletes.

Texas Traditions Roofing - platinum sponsor

We started becoming a big supporter of the WCCAC in 2021 and have become a regular sponsor and supporter of their mission in our community. The WCCAC create a safe place for children to grow up safe and free from abuse. It is their mission to provide hope, healing and justice for children and families impacted by abuse and violence.

Texas Traditions Roofing Supports WCCAC

Every year we like to show our support for the local community by being the primary sponsor for the Georgetown Parks & Recreation Youth Soccer League. We believe that sports can help build strong values in youth and that is why we donate multiple scholarships for families and are there opening day in the fall supporting the kids, families and staff.

Local Law Enforcement

We are grateful for those that sacrifice their lives daily to the men and women that protect our beautiful community. We make it a priority to show our appreciation to their daily sacrifice and find ways to give back to them. Thank you to our local law enforcement for your service.

Roofing Company Supports Law Enforcement