Types of Residential Roofing Materials

As a homeowner you have many choices when considering what residential roofing materials to use on your home. Choosing the right one might seem overwhelming, especially since your roof contributes greatly to the curb appeal of your home.  The team at Texas Traditions Roofing is here to help you make the right choice. It’s important to understand the differences between each option so read on to learn more about the different residential roofing materials that you can choose from.

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TPO: A Sustainable Option for Your Commercial Roof

Replacing a commercial roofing system is an investment in your building and it can also be an investment in the environment. What you choose to put on your roof can affect your building’s carbon footprint and play a role in your energy usage as you cool and heat the interior space. At Texas Traditions Roofing, we are fans of Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) single-ply membranes that can help your building achieve its sustainability goals.

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Interested in Solar Power? GAF has the Solar Shingle for You

Solar power is not new, but it previously involved large, costly panels that weren’t the most attractive for your home. With the evolution of technology and the innovation of GAF, North America’s largest shingle manufacturer, you now have the option of choosing a shingle that has solar capabilities built in. Meet Timberline Solar™.

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