Whether you have a steep-slope or low-slope roof, Texas Traditions Roofing can provide expert roof leak repairs for your commercial building. A roof leak can deter customers, damage inventory and interrupt your employees’ work. Call your trusted commercial roofing partner, Texas Traditions Roofing, as soon as you realize you need roof repairs, and we’ll work to fix the problem quickly and correctly.

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More Than Just Roof Leak Repair

Because we know that prevention costs less than constant commercial roof repair, as your trusted roofing partner, Texas Traditions Roofing will not only find the source of your roof leak, but we will inspect your entire roofing system for any possible future issues. From there, we’ll provide an honest professional opinion and a free quote for our roofing maintenance program, which can help cut down on roof leak repair needs.

Ways to Prevent the Need for Major Repairs

Although proper maintenance can reduce the need for major roof repairs, there are other ways your roof may become damaged. Some tips to prevent roof damage of your commercial building include:

  • Don’t walk on the roof unless necessary.
  • Call your roofing partner anytime new equipment is being installed or removed from the roof’s surface.
  • Keep your roof free of debris to prevent premature breakdown of the roofing material.
  • Clear your gutters or drains regularly to prevent pooling water.
  • Trim back overhanging tree branches to prevent them from touching the roof’s surface.

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If you think you need a commercial roof repair for your building, then you want a roofing company that will show up as promised and complete the job right the first time. Texas Traditions Roofing strives to exceed our clients’ expectations and offer our craftsmanship warranty with every job we do, large or small. Give us a call today at 512-415-4590 for a free roof repair estimate with one of our trusted roof advisors.