Why We Don’t Hire Salespeople

During hurricane season, we are often subject to torrential rains when a storm makes landfall. This can cause roofs to fail under the stress of shedding all of the rain. If you notice a leak, follow these tips:
Why We Don’t Hire Salespeople

  • Do not get on your roof if it is raining or it is wet. Wait for a trained and licensed roofing professional to inspect your roof.
  • Document where the leak is, what room and where in the room. Snap a photo of the leak for quick reference.
  • Make note if it is a new leak or a recurring leak
  • Make note of when the leak was first noticed.
  • Document what the weather was like at the time of the leak (speed and direction of the wind, type of rain, driving rain, etc.).
  • How did the moisture occur with the leak? Was it a steady drip, heavy drip, no drip but wet sheetrock, etc.)?
  • Once the wind and rain stops, walk around your house and note what you can see from the ground. Items such as: shingles missing or torn loose, storm debris that has fallen on the roof, tree limbs that have rubbed on the roof, etc.

Share these things with us when we perform a free inspection of your home to assess the damage. They will help with the inspection of the leak and determining the cause.
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