Why Asphalt Roofs Blister and How It Can Be Prevented

Blisters on asphalt roofs shouldn’t be a problem if the granules on the shingles remain intact. However, if these blisters pop, the granules can loosen and fall off, exposing the roof to the elements. In time, the affected areas can experience leaks and damage.

Why Asphalt Roofs Blister and How It Can Be Prevented

Read on as your local roof replacement expert, Texas Traditions Roofing, explains the causes of blistering in asphalt roofs.

Common Causes of Asphalt Roof Blisters

In some cases, moisture can get trapped within the shingle during manufacturing. Shingles that contain moisture are more likely to blister. This is because as the sun warms up the shingles, the trapped moisture also heats up, causing blisters to develop. Without sufficient ventilation, roofs can get very hot. Shingles can blister due to an extremely hot roof surface.

It’s important to determine the difference between blister damage and hail damage. Observe if the damage on the roof has a pattern. A roof that has blister damage will have unpopped blisters. Moreover, a hail damaged roof will have more uniform damage on a particular slope due to the direction of the wind during the storm. Whether your roof is suffering from blisters or hail damage, you can rely on Texas Traditions Roofing for quality roof repair services.

How You Can Prevent Blistering

Avoid stepping on shingles that have blisters to prevent them from popping. Foot traffic can cause blistered shingles to pop. Remove trees that are near your roof. Trees can drop pine cones, branches and other debris that can pop the blisters.

You can also replace blistered asphalt shingles before they pop. The cost of the repair will depend on how many shingles need replacement.

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