What You Need to Know About Roof Decking

In the roofing industry, nearly two-thirds of all low-slope roofing activity revolves around replacement or renovation projects. When this is the case, essential information about the existing structure is needed. Since the foundation of any roofing structure is the roof deck, this blog will focus on its importance to roof systems, the basic types of deck used and its relationship with roofing replacement.


Purpose of Roof Deck

Although not often seen, the roof deck is built to serve many functions. For one, residential and commercial roofing contractors have to make sure that the building’s structural deck is able to resist gravity loads and lateral loading from high winds and earthquake forces. Dimensional stability and deflection resistance are important as well. If not properly installed, the roof deck might suffer from the overall weight of multiple layers of shingles plus the underlayment. Building designers also take the impact of occasional events of heavy rainfalls into consideration.

Types of Roof Decks

The basic roof decks generally used with membrane roofing systems are:
1. Steel: This type of roof deck comes in different forms, namely light-gauge, cold-rolled sections, and screwed to bar joists.
2. Wood Sheathing: Wood-based materials such as sawed lumber, plywood or oriented strand board are commonly used in residential buildings.
3. Concrete: Concrete roof decks are either poured-in-place or precast. Precast members are reinforced or prestressed normal weight concrete.
Roof replacement contractors consider high interior humidity, corrosion of fasteners and installation of new equipment on the roof to make informed decisions about which roof deck to use.

Roof Deck and Roof Replacement

If you’re wondering, “Is it necessary to replace the roof decking when you’re replacing the roof?”, then the answer usually depends. Your roofing experts will inspect the decking for rot, dry rot or “flexing” of the boards. If those conditions are present, then it’s best to replace the affected sections. Any parts of the decking that are in good condition will remain.
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