Tips on Preparing Your Home for a Roof Replacement

A roof replacement project requires a lot of planning and preparation. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help your roof replacement project go as smoothly as possible.

These are:

Clearing Your Yard and Driveway

Remove outdoor furniture and ornaments from your lawn to keep them from being damaged by falling construction debris. Parking your vehicle away from your home not only protects it from debris but also frees up space for contractors’ equipment.

Trimming the Lawn

When your old roof is torn off, nails and other debris might end up on your lawn. No need to worry—residential and commercial roofing contractors will handle the cleanup. Your contractors will use a magnet to remove nails from your lawn. It’ll be easier for them to locate and remove hidden nails if the grass is shorter.

Cover Flowerbeds with a Tarp

If there are ornamental plants or flowerbeds near your home, you should drape a tarp over them to shield your plants from falling debris.

Remove Picture Frames and Other Ornaments From Your Walls

Expect a lot of shaking in your walls during the roof replacement. Remove picture frames and other ornaments and store them in a safe place to prevent them from being damaged.

Arrange Alternative Accommodation for Your Kids and Pets

Construction noise can be stressful for pets. Not to mention there will be several safety hazards around your home during the project. That’s why it’s best if you can arrange alternative accommodation for your kids and pets.

Why Work With a GAF® Master Elite® Roofer? 

Roof replacements are a significant investment. Fortunately, there are several ways to maximize your ROIs. One way of securing and maximizing your ROIs is to hire a Master Elite roofer. Roofing systems installed by GAF-certified roofers are eligible for exclusive warranties that offer more protection and better value for money.
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