Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles: A Good Choice

GAF’s Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles make a sound, long-term roofing investment. They feature granules that have high reflective properties, which means they are capable of withstanding the intense heat coming from the sun. They block most of the solar radiation, meaning Cool Series Shingles don’t transmit heat to the rest of the home. This results in a comfortable home, bigger savings and increased energy efficiency.

Timberline® Cool Series® Shingles: A Good Choice

Read on as Texas Traditions Roofing, a leading roof repair and replacement contractor, highlights the features and benefits of this one-of-a-kind residential roofing material.

Mitigating the Heat Island Effect

Concrete surfaces across urban and suburban areas tend to absorb a lot of heat. Homes, buildings, and other structures bunched up together help intensify this, leading to a rise in air temperatures. Such a phenomenon is called the heat island effect.

Investing in a cool roof like that of GAF’s Timberline Cool Series Shingles remedies this problem in an effort to achieve better comfort. They reflect more energy from the sun than average roofing products, keeping the immediate environment cool.

Standing Up to Wind and Water

Pursuing roof replacement with this product helps make your home weatherproof. GAF Timberline® products are designed with Advanced Protection® Technology, allowing them to deliver excellent performance against wind uplift and wind-driven rain.

Thanks to the use of DuraGrip™ Adhesive during installation, the Cool Series Shingles can withstand wind speeds of up to 130 miles per hour, all while limiting the risk of blow-offs.

Living a Long Life Span

GAF’s Cool Series Shingles can last longer compared to other roofing products that absorb heat. They keep surface temperatures constant the same way flat cool roof systems do. By reducing thermal shock and proper maintenance, this product can help extend the life of any roofing system.

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