Surpassing Customer Expectations

Sun City resident shares his experience, from start to finish, with Texas Traditions Roofing.
Tony Livermore’s only interaction with a roofing contractor was from years ago when he lived in the Miami, Florida area. It was not a good one. “We had a barrel tile roof and some of the tiles were broken. We had a company that went up to look at the tiles and ended up breaking more tiles,” explained Tony.
From that point on, Tony didn’t have a high level of confidence in roofing contractors. Now living in the Sun City community in Georgetown, Texas for the last five years, Tony’s roof has been subjected to hailstorms.  “We had some people knock on our door to tell us our roof probably needs to be repaired,” he explained. “I let them onto the roof to look for damage, but I just had some ‘buts’ about them.”
The door knockers told Tony they were doing work on his neighbor’s home soon, but it was actually Texas Traditions Roofing who was replacing the roof of his neighbor. “They actually came over to my house to let me know they were working next door and to apologize for any disturbance they may be causing. I was very impressed with that,” stated Tony.
Tony explained he was in need of roof work because of hail damage and asked Michael Pickel to take a look. Michael prepared a bid and Tony decided to choose the Texas Traditions team to perform the work. He was glad that he chose them. “They were absolutely on time, they showed up when they said they would. They were polite, nice people and did a great job cleaning up after. The finished roof looks beautiful,” he shared.
The cleanup was important to Tony because another neighbor who had his home recently re-roofed by a different roofing company, was unfortunate to get a flat tire after driving over a nail in his driveway.
The team at Texas Traditions Roofing is committed to providing an excellent customer experience every time, as Tony will attest to.
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