Strikes, Spares and Finally, No More Roof Leaks

Strikes and spares excite bowlers, but a leaky roof can put a damper on that excitement. Bowling lanes require special care and water is their enemy, so a leaky roof is the last thing a bowling alley wants. Unfortunately, at Mel’s Lone Star Lanes, they were experiencing that very problem from their aging roof which only worsened after sustaining damage from a hailstorm.

The popular bowling alley, sports bar, event venue and catering operation was voted Best in Georgetown in a variety of categories for many years in a row. As a busy place, the owners were looking for a solution that could give them a new roof without having to close operations during the installation process.
Texas Traditions Roofing was invited to inspect and provide a bid on the project. “They had a metal roof on the building that had been experiencing leaks over the years at multiple points on the roof for a multitude of reasons,” explained Michael Pickel, vice president at Texas Traditions Roofing. He proposed a GAF Everguard® TPO RhinoBond® metal retrofit and Mel’s Lone Star Lanes selected the company to perform the installation.
The installation
At just one-story high with parapet walls around the edge of the roof, there were no extra safety precautions required for the crew; but the challenge came in making sure that they were careful to protect both the people entering and exiting the building as well as the vehicle parked in the lot below.
Crews began the job by mechanically attaching flute fillers on the existing roof followed by a one-inch layer of polyiso insulation over the fillers and metal ribs. Once the insulation was in place the team began the installation of the 60-mil TPO onto the main roof and the parapet wall, which ranged in height from two feet to 12 feet.
“During the installation, we had to coordinate with a plumber to disconnect and reconnect gas lines as well as an HVAC company to disconnect and reconnect the units as needed,” said Pickel. “Overall, our trades were extremely helpful and didn’t provide any challenges with the installation.”
Creative solutions
Mel’s Lone Start Lanes demonstrates Texas Traditions Roofing’s ability to complete large-scale projects and provide the owner with different cost-effective choices.
“A new metal roof on this building would have been a challenge unlike anything any roofer would want to deal with,” explained Pickel. “The Rhinobond system allows for a new roof with extended warranties without a full tear-off. We worked through multiple options and were able to provide the best solution for their situation.”
Mel’s can now deliver a fun, leak-free experience for families and friends who are there to bowl, attend events, play arcade games or enjoy a meal at CJ’s Sports Bar, all protected by a 20-year warranty.
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