Soffits And Fascias: What They Are and What They Do

Every homeowner needs to know about the different parts of their home, including the roofing system. After all, the roof is the first part of a home to meet the elements, protecting it and your family all year long. It’s worth knowing what parts are included for every roof replacement job, including the soffits and fascias. In this article, we’ll define both and discuss their importance.


Soffits are boards positioned beneath the rafter tails. Not all houses have these, but those that do have these boards covering the eaves, stretching from the wall to the edge of the roof. These are designed to protect the rafters from the elements while providing much-needed ventilation to the roof and attic.


Fascias are the long horizontal boards seen spanning the edges of the roof, at the end of the rafters. They prevent the elements from entering the roof structure. They also help add beauty to the home by covering the roof edges, gutters and other related parts.
Both parts work together to prevent harmful elements such as rain and moist air, as well as animals and pests, from entering the roof structure and causing damage to the home and affecting the people inside it. In effect, they help spare homeowners from roof-related problems and the need for roof repair.
Soffits and fascias can be made using wood, uPVC and aluminium. Each material has its pros and cons and are suitable for particular climates.

  • Wood/timber

Wood soffits and fascias are relatively cheap compared to other types. Timber needs to be primed to withstand the elements and painted to look good. It will require repainting over time, though.

  • uPVC/Vinyl

uPVC soffits and fascias are more durable compared to those made of timber. They offer better weather resistance and have no need for priming or painting to work well and look good. They also last longer than those made of wood.

  • Aluminium

Aluminium soffits and fascias are very durable, and are longer-lasting compared to uPVC variants. They are more costly, however, and will require homeowners to shell out more money. Their durability makes the price worth it, however.
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