What Should You Expect To Be Included In Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Cost?

What Should You Expect To Be Included In Your Commercial Roof Maintenance Cost?
If you’d like to get more years out of your commercial roof, it’s essential to keep up with maintenance. What is included in your roof maintenance plan will depend on the roofing company you choose and the services they provide. Here are a few critical components of a professional roof maintenance routine.

Annual Inspections

For compliance purposes and to compile an accurate history of your roof, it’s best to schedule inspections at least twice a year. Professionals may also recommend inspecting your roof for storm damage after a severe weather event has rolled through to clear any debris, make temporary repairs and check for leaks. Ideally, annual roof inspections are performed once in the spring and again in the fall.

Light Repair Work and Preventative Maintenance

Your commercial roof maintenance cost should include small patch repairs and other light work needed to keep your roof in optimal condition. If you have a TPO or EPDM commercial roof, professionals will clear away debris like stray screws, rocks, or other materials which could potentially puncture the membrane. While something like a loose piece of flashing or small puncture is easy to fix on-site, more complex commercial roof repair projects will likely require additional planning and a separately scheduled visit.

Gutter Cleaning

Another important aspect of commercial roof maintenance is consistent gutter cleaning. Leaves, branches, and debris can gradually obstruct the gutters, causing water to overflow along the roofline. When it rains, a clogged gutter system can take on too much weight and begin to pull away from the building. In addition, the falling water can create localized flooding around the foundation of your business. Your roofer will discuss when is the best time to schedule gutter cleaning and any associated costs. 

Variables Influencing Roof Maintenance Cost

Several factors will contribute to the total cost of your commercial roof maintenance plan. For instance, older rooftops will require more frequent repairs and inspections than a brand new commercial roof installation. The total square feet of your roof is also relevant when calculating roof maintenance costs. In addition, some roof systems may cost more to repair than others due to the fluctuating cost of materials and skilled labor.  
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