Roof Leak? Here are 5 Possible Reasons Why

Your roof works hard every day to protect your home and over time that performance can be compromised by many factors.

Roof Leak? Here are 5 Possible Reasons Why
1 – The sun. 
The heat from the sun and ultraviolet rays can lead to deterioration and may be even more of an issue on sides that face west or south.
2 – Wind and Rain.

High winds can lift shingle edges and force water and debris under them. When water gets underneath shingles, it can work its way to the roofing deck and lead to rotting of the deck.

3 – Flashing deterioration.
Many times, a roof leak is just a flashing leak. Flashings around chimneys, pipes and skylights that are breaking down and not tight can allow water to penetrate. These should be inspected annually,
4 – Trees and leaves.
Tree branches that are touching your shingles can cause granule loss or other damage to the roof when they are blown by the wind. Falling branches can also cause damage. Be sure your tree limbs are trimmed and not causing problems for your roof.
5 – Missing, cracked or torn shingles.
For a roof system to perform correctly it must be whole. Missing or torn shingles make your home vulnerable to water damage and rot. The problem will only spread to additional shingles if not repaired.
At Texas Traditions Roofing no repair is too large or too small. We’ll provide a free inspection, identify the issues and provide an estimate to fix the problem.
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