Quick Facts About Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have become popular among homeowners due to their versatility and durability. Some metal roofs even have the appearance of traditional roofing materials, such as tile.

Quick Facts About Metal Roofs

In today’s post, one of your most trusted residential and commercial roofing contractors, Texas Traditions Roofing, discusses things you should know about metal roofs.

1. Metal Roofs Are More Cost-Effective Than You Think – Metal roofs used to only be found on high-end homes. Due to higher availability and improved manufacturing processes, they are now seen on more traditional homes. Also, when properly maintained, they can last for 40 to 70 years.

2. Metal Roofs Shouldn’t be Installed Over Old Roofs – Moisture can be trapped between the old and new roofing layers, which may cause rot or mold growth, damaging the roof decking.

3. Metal Roofs Are Not Louder Than Asphalt – It’s not true that metal roofs generate a racket when hit by hail or rain. Metal roofs produce just as much noise as other roofing materials when properly installed. Attic and insulation can provide your home with an adequate noise barrier. Choose Texas Traditions Roofing for your roof replacement project. With our four decades of experience, you can be assured you’ll only receive the best service.

4. Metal Roofs Don’t Attract Lightning – There is no scientific evidence that metal roofs attract lightning. According to the Metal Construction Association, metal roofing doesn’t increase the chances of a lightning strike. In fact, metal roofs are less combustible than wood shakes and shingles.

5. Metal Roofs Resist Fire, Rot and Insect Damage – Metal roofs are known to be virtually fireproof. This is beneficial for areas that are prone to wildfire. Insects can’t feed on metal roofing. Plus, it resists rot and mildew. Snow melts off easier since metal roofs absorb heat quicker than traditional roofing materials.

Make sure to choose a reputable contractor like Texas Traditions Roofing to make the most of metal roofing’s various features. We are your leading provider of metal roof repair, replacement and maintenance services. Call us at (512) 942-0427 or fill out our online form to learn more about our offers. We serve homeowners in Georgetown, TX, and the surrounding areas.