Pumpkin Spice is Back – That Means it’s Time for Fall Maintenance

After a long, hot summer, we’re ready for some cooler temperatures, fall foliage and of course, football!

It’s that time of year when everywhere you go, there is something pumpkin flavored to try – from lattes to pies and bread. Leaves will be falling and there is once again excitement on the football field under those Friday night lights.
Pumpkin Spice is Back - That Means it’s Time for Fall Maintenance
It’s also time to think about fall maintenance measures for your home – especially your roof and gutters. You might be thinking that it can’t be too hard to do it yourself by taking a look at your roof and cleaning out the gutters. But before you pull out the ladder, consider a few things first.
Hire a professional. It makes a lot of sense to hire a professional roofing contractor to provide a full roof and gutter inspection as the seasons change. A professional will inspect the roof and gutter systems to determine if there are any issues that can be addressed easily now, before they turn into a leak or a larger, more costly problem.
A homeowner with an untrained eye might not be able to spot a problem that would be recognized by a professional contractor. Whether an issue with the roofing material itself or with the gutters, problems are not always obvious.  This puts your roofing and gutter system, and your home, at risk.
Ladders can be dangerous to a casual user. Professional contractors follow very strict ladder safety guidelines and understand that this is critical to a safe and successful journey to the rooftop. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that falls from portable ladders are a leading cause of occupational fatalities and injuries – and these are professionals who use ladders every day.
A DIY’er certainly has the best intentions and may be hoping to save money by tackling the task themselves. Many good-intentioned homeowners end up injured due to improper use of the ladder and sometimes end up damaging the gutter by crushing it with the ladder. If you do insist on doing it yourself, please review OSHA’s Ladder Safety Quick Card. We want you to stay safe and uninjured.
Schedule a free evaluation. At Texas Traditions Roofing, we’re happy to perform a free evaluation and estimate to help you keep your home and its roof in top shape. Our trusted roof advisers are Haag certified in damage detection and will provide their honest opinion and recommendation on what is needed to protect your home throughout the winter. Schedule yours today.