Preparing for Your Roof Replacement

Follow these easy tips to get your home ready for its new roof.

It’s a good idea to do a little preparation in advance of your roof replacement that will help ensure that the installation is smooth and hassle free.

Preparing for your new roof installation
First – Don’t forget about your pets.
Many people don’t realize just how noisy installing a new roof can be. There are boots walking across the roof, climbing up and down ladders, nail guns being used, and new unfamiliar voices as the crew talks to each other.  All of these noises can be unsettling for your family’s pets. Consider removing the pets from the house or having them stay with a friend during the day while work is going on.
Second – Remove fragile or ornamental landscape items.
Our crews are always cautious and careful while on your property, but nevertheless, your home is a construction zone during the installation process and there is an increased risk that something could be damaged. Remove any delicate potted plants, hanging baskets, garden statues, etc. to a location further away from the house to avoid mishaps.
Third – Communicate any special concerns ahead of time.
Be sure to communicate if you have any special concerns. For instance, you may have children who arrive home after school and before you are home from work. Let us know if this is the case and we will be sure to take extra care around that time. Also, be sure to let your children know that when they arrive home, there will be workers at the house.
Fourth – Remove extra vehicles from the driveway.
If you have a spare vehicle, it’s a good idea to park it in the garage or move it to the street. This allows for easy access for our crew to move tools and materials from the truck to your roof without running the risk of scratching a vehicle.
Fifth – Remove fragile items from interior walls.
All the nailing and walking on your home’s roof can create vibrations that could possibly lead to delicate items falling from the walls. If you do have something fragile hanging on an interior wall, it’s better to be safe than sorry – take it down.