Metal Roofing Finishes: 3 Factors to Consider

Your choice of metal roofing finish can impact the durability and appeal of the roofing system. To end up with the most suitable finish, there are several factors that you need to take into account.

Texas Traditions Roofing, a reputable provider of roof repair services, lists three important considerations when selecting a finish for your metal roof.


Color doesn’t only have an impact on curb appeal. It also plays a crucial role in the longevity of your roof. Finishes with PVDF coatings usually have superior chalk and fade resistance, ensuring that your roof will look good for years to come.

Resistance to Mildew and Algae

Generally, this is one of the biggest advantages of metal roofs over asphalt shingles. PVDF finishes have a tight molecular bond, which enables exceptional resistance to dirt and black streaks caused by mildew and algae.

Nevertheless, according to roof replacement experts, dirt buildup and biological growth may still occur in homes located in subtropical or tropical areas. This is due to the airborne fungus that thrives in these regions. In this case, a darker color would be more practical and beneficial in masking mildew stains or growth.

Energy Efficiency

Of course, never forget about a product’s capacity for energy efficiency. White or light-colored roofs typically provide a higher level of energy efficiency than dark-colored roofing. But nowadays, it’s also possible to find roofing products made with special pigments that enable them to offer superior heat reflection. Check the specifications of the finish you’re considering, and make sure it’s made with heat-reflective pigments. You can also look for its ENERGY STAR® label or rating.

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