It’s Time for your Roof’s Spring Checkup

Yes, your roof needs an annual checkup too!

It’s not very likely that you would wait 10 years between dentist appointments, is it? You shouldn’t wait years to give your roof a checkup either. At a minimum, your roof needs an annual inspection to ensure that it is in top-performing shape to protect your home from water intrusion.
Spring Checkup Time
With the Georgetown, Texas storm season on the way, now is the time to give your roof a thorough checkup and address any issues now, before the wind, hail and driving rain hits.
Here are some tips for giving your roof an annual inspection.

  • Perform your inspection from the ground, or through a window where portions of the roof might be visible. A pair of binoculars can help you spot areas in need of attention.
  • Check gutters and keep them clear of fallen leaves, pine needles, twigs, etc.
  •  Look for shingles that may be cracked or curling – especially along hip or ridge lines.
  • Look at the collars around pipes – are they cracking or rotting?
  • How do the downspouts look? Are they dented, damaged or rusted? Be sure that upper level downspouts are not draining onto a lower roof surface.


  • Are there water spots anywhere on the ceilings or walls?
  • Climb into the attic and inspect the underside of the roof deck for water stains, rotting or deterioration.

Remember that you should never get on the roof – leave that to an experienced, licensed roofing professional. Many times, you could end up causing more damage or injuring yourself.
At Texas Traditions Roofing, our dedicated repair division will perform a free inspection to identify any areas that need to be fixed, providing you with photos, a detailed explanation an estimate for repair. We perform roof inspections and repairs in the Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Waco, Lakeway, Temple, Bee Caves and more.
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