It’s the Dog Days of Summer – Here are 4 Ways to Keep Cool without Breaking the Bank

With triple digit temperatures outside, it can be hard to keep your house cool without cranking the air conditioner and driving your utility bills through the roof.
It’s the Dog Days of Summer – Here are 4 Ways to Keep Cool without Breaking the Bank
NBC News recently spoke to Lauren Urbanek, a senior program advocate, Center for Energy Efficiency Standards, Climate & Clean Energy Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council to learn tips for keeping cool.  Here are a few recommendations from her and some of our own when it comes to beating the heat.

Block the sun

Urbanek told NBC that it might seem simple, but your window coverings play an important role in keeping the sun’s heat at bay during the day. “If sun comes in through your windows it’s going to make your house warm. Using things like window coverings to their full advantage in the middle of the day [can] keep your house cooler by keeping that sunlight from coming in, particularly if you are gone during day, and in rooms that face west or south.” Urbanek recommended using thermal curtains that are designed to keep the light and the heat from coming through.

Consider an energy audit

She also told NBC News that hot air is coming from more than just the windows. All the cracks and gaps around your windows, door frames, etc. can add up to a lot of warm air intrusion. A good way to find out where your hot air is sneaking in is to check with your utility company. Many will provide a home energy audit and may have rebate programs in place should you make improvements.

Upgrade your thermostat

Programmable thermostats can offer a nice solution that allow you to raise the temperature when you are not home and cool it down prior to your arrival home from work or school. Wifi-enabled thermostats allow you to adjust your cooling system temperature right from your smart phone.

Insulation and ventilation

Have a properly insulated attic can keep the hot air from entering your home through the ceiling, but don’t forget about proper ventilation. It’s great to keep that hot air out of your home but it needs to be exhausted outside or can be very harmful to your home. We recommend and install the Attic Breeze solar fan to help your home stay cooler by exhausting the hot air out of your attic. Attic Breeze solar attic fans offer the perfect solution to this ventilation problem by continuously removing attic heat and moisture throughout the day and do so for absolutely no cost of operation.
If you want to learn more about this innovative cooling solution or need other roofing service in the Greater Austin area, we are happy to provide you with a free inspection. Request yours today.