Is Grounding a Metal Roof Necessary?

The roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Needless to say, it’s supposed to protect you from whatever the outdoor conditions might bring, including lightning. But what if your roof is made of metal, a known electrical conductor?

Texas Traditions Roofing, the area’s premier roof repair and replacement company, explores the question that homeowners with metal roofs are asking: should metal roofs be grounded?

What Does Grounding Mean?

Simply put, electrical grounding is a means to provide an alternative route for electrical current should there be a sudden surge of electricity, such as when lightning strikes your roof. In a residential property, this grounding system is formed by a system of bare copper wires attached to every metal electrical box throughout the home. This is so that the current will be dispersed, so to speak. The same principle can apply to a metal roofing system.

However, the question remains: do you need to ground a metal roof?

The Verdict

Most reputable residential and commercial roofing contractors would agree that metal roofs don’t have to be grounded. In fact, even the National Fire Protection Association doesn’t think that metal roof grounding is necessary, either. There are no current building codes that require homeowners to ground their metal roofs. This is under the assumption that all other building codes, such as only using PVC for any piping that extends from the interior to the exterior of the house, are strictly followed.

While metal is indeed an electrical conductor, the truth is that a metal roof is just as likely to be struck by lightning as any other roofing material. Additionally, a lightning strike would most likely be grounded out throughout the entire roofing structure, causing no damage to the occupants of the home. There’s no real reason to be worried about metal roofs and lightning, but you can always ground your roof for your peace of mind.

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