Interested in Solar Power? GAF has the Solar Shingle for You

Solar power is not new, but it previously involved large, costly panels that weren’t the most attractive for your home. With the evolution of technology and the innovation of GAF, North America’s largest shingle manufacturer, you now have the option of choosing a shingle that has solar capabilities built in. Meet Timberline Solar.

What is Timberline Solar?

This latest technology from GAF combines shingles with solar technology to offer outstanding curb appeal in a streamlined system with superior water-shedding quality. And perhaps most importantly, the entire system is installed by, as GAF says, “those who know roofs best, the world over: GAF-certified roofing contractors.”

As a GAF Certified Master Elite contractor, Texas Traditions Roofing knows roofs. In fact, we were the first contractor in the Georgetown, Texas area to install the new Timberline Solar roofing system. It’s the latest innovation in roofing systems that not only protects your home, it generates electricity that helps your home be more sustainable.

How does it work?

Timberline Solar is made of shingles and there are no bulky solar panels or tiles. The shingles perform the same as GAF’s most popular Timberline HDZ shingle and can withstand winds of up to 130 mph. The solar is integrated into the roofing system meaning that you get a one-source warranty. This eliminates the finger pointing that may occur between a roofing manufacturer and a solar provider when it comes to covering warranted issues.

Will it really pay for itself?

In most cases your GAF Timberline Solar roofing system will be able to produce electricity cheaper than your electric provider. You may earn credits from excess power that you generate and sell back to the provider. And lastly, the passage of the recent Inflation Reduction Act offers incentives through the Residential Clean Energy Credit for homeowners who choose sustainable energy systems for their homes – in some cases up to 30 percent of the cost. Be sure to check with your accountant or tax preparer to see if you may qualify.

Ready to start the conversation to see if the Timberline Solar system is right for your home? Contact us today to schedule an appointment.