Importance of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your commercial roofing system is designed to provide years of protection for your building and its occupants. But even the toughest roofs need to have some attention every now and then to ensure they are functioning properly and providing the protection that you want and expect for your property. This article will help you understand the importance of commercial roof maintenance.

Why does my commercial roof need maintenance?

Commercial roofing systems are designed to withstand certain levels of wind, hail, rain and other severe weather conditions, but being exposed to the elements 24/7 is quite a job. Not only does the roof need to provide protection from the elements, but it is also subject to potential damage from foot traffic, leaves, twigs, dirt buildup and other debris. You may not even realize what is on your roof until you experience a leak or other problem.

It’s a similar concept to why you visit the dentist for an inspection and cleaning of your teeth. Your dentist can identify any issues and make repairs, such as filling a small cavity in your tooth before it turns into a bigger problem and requires a crown or root canal. Taking care of minor issues on your commercial roof prevents them from turning into major headaches as well.

What does commercial roof maintenance entail?

Commercial roof maintenance should be performed once or twice a year, depending on your building’s roof type and condition. The first thing that will happen is one of our trusted roof advisors will perform an assessment of your roof’s current condition, provide a report with photos, and explain any maintenance or repairs that may be required.

Typically, regular maintenance will include cleaning of drains and gutters, minor repairs such as patching punctures, resealing flashing, inspecting seams and joints and re-securing loose gutters or metal. Other larger repairs, if required, are offered at a discounted rate for building owners who are under a maintenance program with Texas Traditions Roofing.

What are the benefits of regular commercial roof maintenance?

Perhaps the biggest benefit of performing regular commercial roof maintenance is that your roof will perform better and last longer. A roof replacement is one of the biggest expenses for your commercial building and the more life you can get from your existing roof, the easier that is on your budget.

Additionally, regular roof inspections and maintenance that provide a condition report and photos of work that was performed can come in handy should you experience a situation where you may need to submit an insurance claim. You will have the documentation of the exact condition of your roof at specific periods of time.

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