How to Tell if a Metal Roof Was Installed Properly

Metal roofing systems are energy-efficient (their reflective surfaces help prevent heat gain), durable and have long lifespans, making them a smart choice for commercial and residential roof replacement projects. Of course, their durability depends on the quality of the metal panels installed and on the installation.

So–what makes a good metal roof installation?

Fasteners That Allow Some Degree of Movement 

Metal expands when it’s exposed to heat. To make sure panels don’t pull away from each other and create gaps, the fasteners or locks keeping them in place should allow some degree of movement. No need to worry though—it’s standard practice for professional residential and  commercial roofing contractors to take this into account while installing your roof.

Reinforced Seams or Joints 

Seams or joints—the parts of a metal roof where panels overlap—are considered the weak points of a roofing system. To waterproof the seams and reduce the risk of leaks, roofing panels should be adjoined with double folds.

A Roof Slope Calculated Using the Average Rainfall

Commercial flat roofing systems are notoriously leak-prone, mostly due to their low slopes. Water tends to pond on flat surfaces, increasing the risk of leaks and moisture damage. The slope of a roofing system should be calculated using several factors, one of which is the average amount of rainfall your area receives. In general, the steeper a roof’s slope, the faster water can slide off its surface. For metal roofing systems, some contractors recommend a slope in excess of 2 1/2:12, although certain manufacturers allow slopes of 1/4:12 or more.
The most efficient way of ensuring your roof is installed properly is to hire a reputable contractor. Here’s a vetting tip: The number of years a contractor has in the roofing industry should give you a good idea of their level of expertise.
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