How to Spot a Bad Roofing Job

Your roofing system is a major investment. As such, you want nothing but the best for yours. However, since roofing services can be complicated, it’s also fairly easy to make the wrong choice.

Below you’ll find the tell-tale signs of a bad roofing job, as compiled by Texas Traditions Roofing, your trusted roof repair and replacement company.

Uneven Appearance

While you can’t exactly be present when your roof is being installed, repaired or replaced, you’ll be able to spot shoddy workmanship right away simply by looking at it. A roofing system relies on uniformity for optimal performance. Any inconsistency in the workmanship can result in an underperforming roof that’s prone to deterioration and premature failure. Look out for black stains, missing shingles, uneven surfaces and ‘bald’ spots where the surface of the shingles may have rubbed off.

Structural Inconsistencies

If you’ve been a victim of a bad roofing job, a closer look at your roof would reveal hardware mistakes such as uneven nail spacing, wrong size of fasteners and improper caulking to name a few. You should also inspect the drip edge or the metal sheet that protects your fascia from water damage to make sure it is intact. Structural and hardware inconsistencies like these might prompt a costly and untimely roof replacement if left unchecked.

How to Avoid Bad Roofing

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Keeping this in mind, the most foolproof way to avoid falling victim to shoddy workmanship is to work with a reputable roofer, like the Texas Traditions Roofing team. When you choose a roofing company that values customer satisfaction over making a quick buck, you get a reliable, optimally performing roof and peace of mind. A roof, after all, is supposed to keep you safe and protected.

The Texas Traditions Roofing Difference

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