How to Protect Your Home from Severe Weather

You can’t control the weather, but you can take measures to help protect your home when storms are in the forecast.

Texas sees its fair share of strong storms, hail and tornadoes that cause a lot of damage to homes. During high winds and hail, your home’s roof is put to the test. Here are four easy ways you can help it perform:
How to Protect Your Home from Severe Weather
1 – Clean gutters and downspouts. As the roof on your home sheds water, the water needs to flow into the gutters, travel down the spouting and exit away from your home. If your gutters and spouting are clogged, the rainwater can back up and potentially creep into your home along the eaves or the foundation – depending on where the clog is located.
2- Trim your trees. If you have trees with branches that are close to the roof, strong winds could cause the branches to rub against the roof, loosening shingles or wearing away protective granules. If limbs are dead or dying, a strong wind could cause them to snap off and turn into projectiles. This is dangerous for not only your home but also any nearby neighbors’ homes.
3 – Secure or put away patio furniture and umbrellas. Just as a broken tree limb could turn into a deadly projectile during a storm, so could a piece of lawn furniture or patio umbrella. When a storm is forecast, it’s a good idea to just bring those items inside.  Look around your yard as well and secure anything that might be blown away in high winds.
4 – Look for trouble before storms hit. Look at your roof from the ground. Do you notice any loose or curling shingles? They will be the first to suffer wind damage during a storm event. These issues need to be assessed and repaired by a professional, licensed roofing contractor.
Texas Traditions Roofing is happy to help you fix any issues that you are having with your roof. We are certified by the major roofing manufacturers and licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas.  Contact us today to schedule a free inspection.