How Does GAF’s StainGuard Plus™Technology Work?

As your home ages, you might notice that your roof is stained with black or brown streaks. While this isn’t an unusual phenomenon, it’s actually very common among numerous roofing systems across the country. Sometimes, homeowners even think that this is a sign of mold or mildew growth, but this isn’t the case. In this post, roof replacement specialist, Texas Traditions Roofing explains why these stains exist on your roof and how GAF’s StainGuard Plus™ technology works to prevent them.

Why Do Stains Occur?

Roofing stains appear because of tiny blue-green algae, scientific name gloecapsa magma. However, the algae is not the direct cause of the stains on the surface. The stains appear because of the coating the algae forms to protect itself from harsh UV rays. Gloecapsa magma travels by air, so if it appears on the roof of someone in your neighborhood, you’ll most likely have it yourself soon enough. This is even more pronounced in moist environments where the strain can travel freely and is supplemented by the dust in the air. While it bears no negative effects on your roof, it definitely affects its curb appeal and appearance if you decide to sell it in the future.

How Does GAF’s StainGuard Plus™Technology Work

To prevent these stains, commercial roofing contractors like us recommend installing materials integrated with zinc and copper on your roof which reduces algae growth. If you’re investing in a re-roofing project, you can also use copper-containing granules on the surface to prevent them, however, they will deteriorate over time. Thankfully, these stain-causing algae can be prevented with GAF’s StainGuard Plus technology. It features Time Release Algae-Fighting Technology which are capsules that contain thousands of copper microsites. Since copper is always within reach, it’s ready to be activated to protect your roof against these blue-green algae stains to keep it looking clean and pristine.
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