GAF’s Triple Excellence Award: What is It and What It Means

Entering the roofing business is no easy feat for anyone who wants to become a professional. After all, not only will you have competition but you’ll also have to establish yourself as a trustworthy and reliable roofer. To accomplish this, many aspiring roof replacement pros are constantly trying to attain as many awards and ratings as they can and one of the awards that some contractors seek to attain the most is the GAF Triple Excellence Award.
Here’s everything you need to know about GAF’s Triple Excellence Award.

Installation Excellence Award
The first of the Triple Excellence Award Installation Excellence Award can be attained by a roofing contractor if they’ve managed to perfectly install roofs multiple times. However, that isn’t the only thing needed to win it; to win the GAF Triple Excellence Award, the roof that was installed must also pass the quality inspection performed by GAF experts. By hiring a contractor who has already one the Installation Excellence Award, it’s guaranteed that your roofing project will be completed faultlessly and efficiently.

Training Excellence Award
Alternatively, there is also the Training Excellence Award, which can be attained by a roofer if they’ve demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their technical training. When you hire a professional who has attained this award, you can rest assured that they’re perfectly qualified and trained to complete your roof repair project.
Consumer Protection Excellence Award
On the other hand, the last of the Triple Excellence Award is the Consumer Protection Excellence Award. Any contractor who has obtained this award means that they have a deep understanding of the benefits of GAF’s roofing systems as well as the warranty they come with. If you hire a professional who has won the Consumer Protection Excellence Award, it means that you can count on them to properly explain the unique features of GAF’s warranties to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings.
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