Fun DIY Projects for Reusing Old Roofing Shingles

Some types of roof damage are already beyond roof repair, but oftentimes good shingles end up in the landfill. If you’re keen on reducing your waste, one of the best ways you can deal with old shingles is to reuse them. Texas Traditions Roofing lists three simple yet fun ways you can reuse old roof shingles.
Wall ArtIf your old roof tiles are made from clay, you might want to use the material in making art. You can paint the clay tiles with colorful hues or create small paintings on them. Just make sure to rinse off the clay tiles thoroughly before working on them. Apply a base layer or primer too. This will ensure that the colors you choose will really pop on the clay tiles. Once you have done these two steps, feel free to create any designs you wish.
Flower PotsDiscarding old roof shingles is necessary to make way for roof replacement. But if you have even a small garden in your home, your old roof tiles can be put to good use by making pots out of them. Slate tiles specifically are great for this DIY project.
And since you’ll be stacking the tiles on top of each other, it’s best to use tiles of the same size. Drill holes in each side of the tile and use 1×3 inches of wood as bolster for every corner of the pot. Connect all sides by drilling the bolsters to where the holes are placed. Finally, attach a base by adding a tile to the bottom.
Door MatMaking a door mat from old roof shingles is simple. You only need to glue the shingles together, and once the glue has dried, you can opt to paint your new door mat. You might want to use spray paint for this to ensure the surface will be completely covered.
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