What Can You Expect To Get Out Of A Free Roof Inspection?

What Can You Expect To Get Out Of A Free Roof Inspection?
A lot of roofers in the Austin and Georgetown areas offer free roof inspections. Is a “free” inspection really free? Is a free inspection of your home’s roof really worth the call?
Roof Inspections
A residential roof inspection typically takes only a few hours. The trained roofing professional will check your home’s roof, inside your attic and outside your home:

  • Nearly noiseless — just footsteps on the roof
  • Thorough — expect to see videos or photos of problem areas
  • Visual and physical — poking at shingles, flashing, gutters, rubber boots, ventilators

You and your roofer will review inspection results, plan solutions, and look at estimated costs for necessary repairs. No decisions have to be made the day of the inspection, though time is often not on your side with roof repairs. 
Free Really is Free
Some roofing companies use the free inspection as a lure to entice Georgetown-area homeowners into other services, like replacement windows, gutters, or siding. Chances are good you will need something from a jack-of-all-trades contractor. You would not have called for the free roof inspection if you felt like your home was structurally fine. 
When you contact a genuine roofer, one firmly committed to community involvement, a roofer with impeccable industry credentials, the free inspection is really free. At Texas Traditions Roofing, if your Austin-area home’s roof is solid, we will tell you that. We will not upsell you something your home doesn’t need. 
Ignorance is Expensive
Ignoring a roofing problem, or knowing nothing about the condition of your roof, can be expensive. A small problem — loose flashing or a missing shingle — can snowball into thousands of dollars of repair work. 
A free inspection could save you a lot of money if your local, trustworthy roofer discovers some issues:

  • Loose, bent, or damaged gutters
  • Cracked or degraded rubber boots around roof piercings
  • Loose or missing flashing
  • Cracked, crazed, or curled shingles
  • Corroded or rusted metal roofing panels or fasteners
  • Open seams in low-slope roofing (over porches, garages, or home additions)

A small repair may take a trained professional roofer less than a day to fix. A major problem (water leaks, extensive degradation of shingles, or metal roofing) may require a complete tear-off and replacement — ouch! 
At Texas Traditions Roofing, we value customer satisfaction with every roof inspection, repair, and installation. Contact us today so that our certified roofing professionals can go to work for you!