Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Roof Warranties

When you own a commercial property, it’s your responsibility to care for the building. That includes the upkeep of the building’s commercial roofing system. Should your commercial roofing system be damaged, however, you can easily have it repaired or replaced by using your warranty. With that in mind, roof repair pros recommend that you understand the warranty that comes with your commercial roofing system as much as possible.


Here’s everything you need to know about your commercial roof’s warranties.

Types of Warranties

Commercial roof warranties come in two different types. The first are the manufacturer warranties and it comes in four kinds: the Manufacturer’s No Dollar Limit Warranty,  which states that the manufacturer will fully cover defective products or product failure under proper use during the warranty period regardless of the cost needed to repair the material; the Manufacturer’s Materials Warranty, a manufacturer’s warranty that guarantees that the product won’t fail within a certain period of time; Manufacturer’s Labor and Material Warranty, which covers material and labor defects up to a certain dollar limit; and the Manufacturer’s Roof System Warranty, a warranty type that only applies to the membrane of the roofing system.


According to roof replacement experts, the second kind of commercial roof warranty, on the other hand, is the Roofing Contractor Warranties. This kind of warranty covers the workmanship of your commercial roof.


How Warranties Differ From Insurance

Some homeowners tend to think that their commercial roofing systems warranty is an insurance. While you’d be forgiven for thinking that, that isn’t actually the case as a commercial roof warranty won’t cover anything that goes wrong in your roof as warranties only cover defects in the materials or installation. This means that you’ll need to get a separate property insurance policy for other kinds of damage such as a fallen tree, storm damage or punctures from hailstones.


How Your Warranty Can Be Voided

When you’ve installed a new commercial roof in your building, it’s recommended that you remain cautious regarding what you do with the roof to avoid voiding your warranty. For instance, be sure to perform regular maintenance procedures on commercial roofs every now and then as failure to do so can easily void the warranty. Apart from maintenance neglect, there are also other causes that can void your warranty, such as unauthorized roofing modifications, failure to repair storm damage, or carelessly completed roofing modifications.


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