Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofer

Roof replacement projects require homeowners to carefully select the roofers they will work with and it’s important to ask the right questions when choosing a roofing contractor.

Here are a few questions homeowners like you need to ask roofers before signing a contract. These questions will help you determine the best roofer for your home improvement project.
Are You Licensed and Insured?
Homeowners need to know that the roofer they are talking with is legitimate and has a good record with the BBB. The roofing company also needs to insure its workers so you won’t have any problems with mishaps.
How Long Have You Been in Business? 
The best roofers are experienced and have been repairing or replacing roofs for some time already. They’ll also have received a lot of good feedback from previous clients. Avoid novice roofers if you’re looking for the best.
What Exactly Are You Going to Do on My Roof?
Contractors need to be able to explain, in detail, everything that needs to be done on the roof. They should explain what needs to be done and why.
How Long Will This Roof Repair or Replacement Take?
Homeowners will need to adjust their daily life while the roofing job is ongoing. That said, you’ll need to know just how long the project will take so you can prepare for it.
Will You Protect My Property? What Will You Do if the Weather Turns Bad?
Roofers need to have a plan to avoid damaging your property while they fix or replace your roof. Roofers also need to have a plan just in case the weather becomes bad in the middle of the job.
Where’s My Warranty?
As a homeowner, you need to know if the roofer offers a warranty, and the exact details of the warranties being offered. Don’t accept roofers who can’t stand by their work.
Can I See a Written Estimate?
Estimates need to include the total cost of the project, broken down into several sections such as the cost of materials, labor, and other things. The estimate should also include details regarding what needs to be done and who’s going to do it.
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