Dispelling 5 Persistent Myths About Metal Roofing

Metal meets the criteria for a “forever” roof. It is durable and long-lasting. A metal roof does not come cheap, but its exceptional mechanical properties can justify its relatively higher price.
However, cost is not necessarily the main reason why metal roofing isn’t as popular as asphalt shingles. It is misconceptions, which have remained persistent over the years. In this post, Texas Traditions Roofing debunks the most common myths about metal roofing.
1. It Attracts Lightning
Any honest residential and commercial roofing contractors will say that metal is not a magnet for lightning. This material conducts electricity but does not draw it in. If your property is not the tallest object in your area, it is unlikely to be hit by any lightning strikes. Metal roofing can even make your property safer, for it is fireproof.
2. It Makes a Racket in the Rain
Metal does not make the sound of raindrops inaudible, but it is no louder than any other roofing material. If your property is adequately insulated across the board, you should enjoy peace and quiet during inclement weather.
3. It Breaks Upon Hail Impact
One of the reasons why metal is synonymous with low roof repair expenditure is its ability to stay in one piece during the hailstorm. Metal roofing could bend upon the impact of high-velocity hailstones, but any damage to it would not cause any active leaks immediately.
4. It Is Prone to Rust
Only alloys that contain iron can rust. The others do not but do deteriorate differently. Some metals even produce a charming patina that gives them distinctive character.
5. It Requires Major Roof Modification
If your existing decking boards are structurally sound, your roof replacement project is unlikely to include reconstruction. Rather, these sheets of wood can stay where they are. Metal panels are light, so they would not increase the load your current roof has to bear.
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