Consequences of Putting Off a Necessary Roof Replacement

When a contractor advises you to tackle a roof replacement, consider it more of an order than a suggestion. You may have a good reason for deferring it, but it’s best to be ready to face it at some point.  

In Texas Traditions Roofing’s book, below are the consequences of delaying a necessary roof replacement.
Interior Water Damage
Replacing the covering of a leaky roof does not solve the problem. It is just a façade. Such a veneer of structural integrity will damage the interior of your property since the water could still penetrate the gaps between roofing materials.
Mold Growth
One of the dangers of water infiltration is mold proliferation. High-moisture areas create the ideal conditions for this harmful microorganism to survive and multiply.  
Pest Invasion
Mold is not the only unwelcome guests you have to worry about. Any reputable roof repair and replacement professionals can attest that insects, birds, and other critters could capitalize on the unaddressed portions of your roof. After all, such places provide a quick entrance to your property that can offer constant shelter and food. 
Fire Hazard
Roof leaks could start a fire. Water should never come into contact with any exposed electrical wiring, so make every effort to keep any panel boxes away at all costs.
Roof Collapse
Structurally unsound roof decking boards could cave in without warning. They might not collapse on their own, but it could take only some impetus for it to fall down.
More Expenditure
Any reliable residential and commercial roofing contractors will tell you that choosing repairs over a replacement does not guarantee savings in the long run. Buying a new roof may cost more money up front, but it could reduce your long-term maintenance expenditure, boost your property’s energy efficiency, and earn you an insurance premium discount.
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