A Simple Guide to Hospital Roof Inspections

There are costs to maintaining a healthcare facility, but regular roof inspections can save you from more serious troubles in the long run. In this article, roof replacement specialist Texas Traditions Roofing discusses the importance of hospital roof inspections. We also share some tips on what you should look out for during these maintenance checks.

Why Hospital Roof Inspection Matters

Roof inspections and a solid maintenance program can help you avoid unbudgeted roofing expenses. Typically, roofers recommend conducting these checks once or twice a year. By having professionals review the condition of your hospital’s roof, you can get the proper fix for any issues that may be discovered during the inspection.

Moreover, this will help you preserve a valuable capital asset. By implementing the right remedy, any damage can be repaired, and the service life of your roof can be extended as well. Nevertheless, there are some cases where roof repair is no longer a viable option. The replacement of the entire roofing system would then be the practical solution.

What to Look for

Here are some of the things that you should watch out for during hospital roof inspections:

  1. Cracks, punctures, blisters or ridging of the roof membrane

  2. Excessive granule buildup on the roof’s surface or in the drains and gutters

  3. Cracks or gaps in caulking around roof penetrations, such as skylights, vents, HVAC units, etc.

  4. Loose, damaged or buckled flashing

  5. Debris on the roof or in gutters and drains

  6. Discoloration or water stains on window frames, ceilings and walls

  7. Moldy interior surfaces

  8. Rust or dark stains on joists or other structural components

  9. Raised or damaged areas on the walls below the roof deck

  10. Vegetation that is in contact with the roof surface

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