4 Signs That Your Roof Sustained Wind Damage

Storms are often accompanied by strong winds. Unfortunately, more often than not, these strong winds can also cause damage to your roofing system, and, as a homeowner, it’s in your best interest to determine if your roof was indeed damaged by strong winds. Unfortunately, some homeowners neglect the inspection process for a reason: they don’t know what kinds of damage to look for.

In this article, the roof replacement pros at Texas Traditions Roofing share the signs that your roof sustained wind damage, beginning with:

Shingle Granule Loss

The granules are important parts of your shingles at it helps protect the roof from Ultraviolet rays. However, if a storm has recently passed you area, consider checking the gutters. If you see copious amounts of shingle granules in the gutters, call a reputable roofer immediately to determine if your roof is in need of repairs.

Missing Shingles

It might be surprising to some, but strong winds can actually pull your shingles away from the system’s structure itself and blow it off entirely. If you notice that your roof is missing some of its shingles, call a roofer to have them replaced before leaks develop.

Roof Leaks

This is the easiest kind of roofing damage that you can find solely for the fact that water is entering your home in places they shouldn’t be. To look for leaks, look in your top floor or attic for dripping water and wet spots. If there weren’t any leaks before the storm, it’s possible that the strong winds have damaged your roof so be sure to call a roof repair professional as soon as possible to get the roof fixed.

Curling Shingles

Curling in your shingles are often found at the stress points of your roof, such as the edges, corners or near the chimney and ridges. This is damage that you need to rectify as soon as you can as curled shingles can no longer keep water at bay, making the roof susceptible to leaks.

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