4 Easy-to-Miss Signs of Roofing Damage

Most homeowners are familiar with the kind of roofing damage that requires immediate roof repair, such as missing shingles or a hole in the roof. There are also more subtle kinds of roofing damage, and in this blog, Texas Traditions Roofing shares these easy-to-miss signs.

  1. Whistling Sounds — Whistling or whooshing sounds are made by wind passing through a small gap. If you hear such sounds during a windy day, chances are, your roof has holes where it shouldn’t have them. Don’t ignore such whistling sounds, as wind-driven rain will likely get through those same gaps. Have your roofing contractor inspect the source of whistling and whooshing sounds. The only parts of your roof that should have airflow are the exhaust vents at the ridges and the intake vents at the soffit.

  1. Buckling Shingles — Buckling, also known as curling or cupping, is a normal aging process, and should be expected on older roofs. However, the process is slow and not readily visible from the ground. Regular inspections should let you spot early signs of buckling shingles, which should give you time to prepare for the eventual roof replacement.

  1. Nails on the Ground — If you find more than a few nails lying on the ground, particularly near the roof edge, they may have come loose from the roof. You will likely find loose or missing shingles in the same area. While falling nails are a sign of aging, installation errors or improper installation techniques lead to the same results. This is why you should choose a contractor who offers workmanship warranties, in addition to the factory warranty.

  1. Loose Granules in the Runoff — Check your gutters or the runoff from the downspouts. Finding a few loose granules is okay, but a few handfuls’ worth of granules indicate a problem with the shingles. This usually happens if the shingles are too old—another sign that you need to prepare for a new roof—but it can also be caused by a manufacturing defect. If your roof is still well within its expected life span, then have your contractor inspect your roof. Also, check your roofing warranty if it’s eligible for repairs.

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