3 Signs of Flat-Roof Rot

According to commercial roofing contractors, roof rot is a problem that you don’t want to face, whether it’s on your residential or commercial roof. After all, it breaks down your roofing materials, compromises your roof deck and sheathing and is very costly to repair. But how exactly can one tell if their commercial roofing system is suffering from flat roof rot?


When you’re looking for signs of flat roof rot, look at your ceiling. If you notice that it’s beginning to sag, it’s likely that flat-roof rot is starting to or has already set in. This is a big red flag that you need to take seriously as it could easily collapse and fall at the slightest strain and may even injure someone when it falls.

Water Streaks

Notice any water stains on your ceiling or streaks on your flat roof? If so, it’s highly recommended that you call a roof repair pro immediately as this is a sign that your roof is damaged by rot and it’s beginning to cause water infiltration on your roof. This can encourage mold and mildew growth in your building.

Cracked Seals

The final sign that your flat roof is rotting is the cracked seals in the structures of your commercial roof. If you spot this sign, call a professional immediately to repair it as it can cause more leaks for your roof.

What to Do About Flat-Roof Rot?

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait for flat roof rot to happen to your commercial roof. In fact, proactive maintenance is the best way you can prevent it from ever occurring. To that end, be sure to call an expert roofer to your building at least twice a year to conduct regular inspections of your flat roof. By doing so, they can easily spot any budding problems and fix it immediately.
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