3 of the Best Hip and Ridge Cap Products From GAF

Hip and ridge cap shingles are often considered for the aesthetic value they add to a roof. However, their purpose goes beyond accentuating your roof or adding depth and dimension. These specially designed shingles function to protect the hips and ridges of your roofing against damage.

It’s common practice to manually cut regular roof shingles to fit these parts of the roof. But regular shingles are usually thinner than hip and ridge cap shingles. So when you fold the regular shingles over the hips and ridges, there’s a possibility that the shingles would crack over time. With hip and ridge cap shingles, though, you can rest assured these particular areas of your roof will have more effective protection against moisture and other elements.

In this article, Texas Traditions Roofing, a local roof repair expert, lists three premium hip and ridge cap products from GAF.


This line of hip and ridge cap shingles from GAF has an extra thick and double layer design. With an eight-inch exposure, it gives you fewer pieces to install, allowing the process to go faster. Timbertex hip and ridge cap shingles are also made with StainGuard® Protection, which keeps your roof free of unsightly blue-green algae.


Timbercrest features a high-profile design with a rounded leading edge, which helps frame the look of your roofing. It’s a great choice if you want your roof replacement job to fgo quickly. The hip and ridge cap shingles are pre-flexed, so your roofer only has to nail them in place. They also come with a unique alignment guide in the headlap to ensure accurate placement.


Ridglass also has a high-profile design, but it is made with extra thick leading edge that provides a real wood shake look. The hip and ridge cap shingles from this line also have improved flexibility and durability because they’re made from SBS-modified asphalt. Experts recommend these shingles for homes in Western Canada and Western U.S.

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