3 Essentials to Consider When Choosing Metal Roof Color

Metal roof replacement might be a huge and serious investment, but the opportunity for customization it offers can make the experience more enjoyable. This is especially true today, as metal roofing now comes in a wider selection of colors. But given how your choice of color can affect your home’s overall look and feel, it pays to decide carefully. Texas Traditions Roofing, one of the area’s leading residential and commercial roofing contractors, shares some of the important things you should consider.

  1. Choose a high-quality paint finish. When choosing a color for your metal roof, don’t overlook the finish that comes with it. You’ll want a paint finish that can help your new system stand up to the harsh elements, while remaining vibrant and beautiful for longer. Texas Traditions Roofing, for instance, offers exceptional metal roofing systems from Sheffield Metals. Aside from being available in a range of lovely and durable colors, they come with a solid 40-year finish warranty, adding an extra layer of protection to your investment.
  2. Look to your home’s exterior as a guide. This means choosing a metal roof color that can perfectly complement its existing color scheme. Examine your home’s visible design elements, such as the trim, siding, windows, doors, and surrounding greenery. Then, choose a metal roof color that works well with them to create a lovely and cohesive look. At Texas Traditions Roofing, your roof replacement expert, our metal roofing from Sheffield Metals comes in an extensive array of colors–from rich reds to calm blues–making it easy for you to match your new system with your home’s overall appearance.
  3. Pick a darker or lighter color to achieve different results. For example, choosing a light hue for your metal roofing can make your home look taller. This is especially useful if you have a low-slope roof. On the other hand, a darker metal roof can make a tall roof seem less intimidating. You should also note that lighter roof colors help reflect radiant heat better than darker ones, helping keep your living space cooler and more comfortable.

Aside from roof repair, you can trust Texas Traditions Roofing for your metal roof replacement. With our top-tier choices and our professional installation crew, expect the work to run smoothly from start to finish. We proudly serve Round Rock, TX and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (512) 415-4590 or fill out this contact form to schedule your roof evaluation.