Why You Should Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

When a storm passes by the area, it’s vital that homeowners have their roofing systems inspected as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some homeowners opt out of this task for one reason: they don’t see any leaks. According to experts, however, an inspection after a storm is essential.
Here, the residential and commercial roofing contractors of Texas Traditions Roofing reveal why you should have your roof inspected after a storm, despite the lack of leaks.
To Spot Areas of Damage
Just because your roofing system isn’t leaking, it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t damaged. It’s possible that the damage is just minor enough that you won’t be able to spot it on your own. For instance, hail can cause damage that isn’t easily spotted from the ground by an untrained eye. With that in mind, call a roofer after a storm to have your roof inspected. That way, any damage your roof sustained, no matter how minor, can be spotted immediately.
Roof Repairs
An inspection is a necessary step that you need to go through first before you can have a roof repair project conducted. By having a professional inspect your roof, every damage that the roofing system sustained can be spotted and repaired before they become a major problem that can encourage leaks and mold growth in your home.
A roofing project, whether it’s a repair or replacement, can be a financially significant task for any homeowner. This is where your insurance policy comes in as it can easily help you pay for the project or recoup what you spent on it. However, your insurance provider will need proof and a roof inspection from a trusted professional can easily help you get the proof you need to make a substantial claim.
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