I have wind damage to my roof, what do I need to do?

Wind can be unpredictable and quite powerful, and is a significant contributor to damaging roofs, especially in the case of strong, sustained winds and gusts. This type of wind can occur with or without a storm. How much wind it takes to cause damage depends on the installation, age of the roof, and general condition of your roof.



First Step

In the event you sustain wind damage on your roof, the best course of action is to contact a licensed, insured, competent roofing contractor to make repairs as soon as possible. Of course, Texas Traditions Roofing would love to be your contractor of choice for these repairs. Leaving the roof unrepaired for very long can just make matters worse and runs the risk of increasing the damage to the roof as well as the chance for water damage inside your home. Make sure the roofing contractor is licensed, insured and willing to show you proof of insurance, and ask how the work will be done to ensure your roof system is repaired properly (removal of damaged shingles, nailing, sealant applied, type of shingle, and installation techniques).

Damage tends to occur low on the roof and up high near the peak of the roof, but can occur just about anywhere. It may range from only a shingle or two to large sections of shingles blown off. Don’t just look for the obvious, sometimes shingles are lifted and bent, then relax when the wind subsides. This can leave a crease in the shingle and this type of damage should be addressed as well.

Importance of expert installation

A few factors that can put your roof at risk of wind damage are bad installations, aging roofs, and the overall condition of your roof. Bad installations put your roof at risk, since the shingles were not installed properly. This can include bad nailing (not enough nails, bad nail placement, overdriven nails, wrong type of nails, etc.), shingles not sealed properly at the eaves and rakes, and breaking the seal between shingles and not applying new sealant.

The age of a roof can also make it vulnerable to wind damage especially as shingles near the end of their life expectancy. As shingles age, they can become weakened by heat and sun and exposure to the elements. This can make for weak seals or leave them brittle thus more susceptible to wind damage. As your roof ages, a good maintenance program for your roof become more important to help maintain the integrity of the roof system.

Excluding age, the overall condition of your roof is important and can be placed at risk of wind damage. The type of things to watch out for are animal damage (squirrels, racoons, birds, etc.), tree limbs that are too close to the roof and rub the roof during any windy day, damaged shingles from walking on the roof (especially in the valleys and ridges), and previous wind damage repairs to name a few.


If you have material wind damage to your roof, you may want to contact your insurance company to have an adjuster come out and inspect the roof. Texas Traditions Roofing is happy to meet with your adjuster at that time to inspect the roof. We should mention that it has been our experience that unless the wind damage is extensive insurance companies are reluctant to pay for more than just repairs.

Let Texas Traditions Roofing put your mind at ease regarding wind damage assessment and repair. Contact us for a free inspection.