Wind can be unpredictable and powerful, and is a significant contributor to damaging roofs, especially in the case of strong, sustained winds and wind gusts. How much wind it takes to cause damage depends on the roof’s installation, age and general condition. The Haag Certified roofing inspectors at Texas Traditions Roofing can provide you with a free roofing inspection for wind damage and act as your roof repair company.

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The Perils of Wind Damage

Wind damage tends to occur low on the roof and up high near the peak. It may range from only a lifted shingle or two, to large sections of shingles blown off. If you neglect even a seemingly minor issue, you run the risk of increasing the damage to the roof as well as the chance for water damage inside your home.

Texas Traditions Roofing is licensed, insured and Haag Certified – which means we can spot more wind damage than the average roofer. Because we’re an experienced roof repair company, anytime we undertake a roof repair, we use the proper tools and techniques.

Why Wind Damage Sometimes Occurs

A few factors put your roof at greater risk of wind damage. Here are some reasons wind damage occurs:

  • Hurricane-strength winds. No matter the age of the roof or how well-installed, winds over 130 mph will destroy most any roof.
  • An aging roof. As your roof ages, shingles break down and the nails have less to hold onto. An aging roof may fail in winds less than 100mph.
  • Improper installation. This can include bad nailing (not enough nails, incorrect placement, overdriven nails, wrong type of nails, etc.), shingles not sealed properly at the eaves and rakes, and breaking the seal between shingles and not applying new sealant.
  • Manufacturing issues. This is the rarest reason for wind damage but does occasionally happen.
  • Trees. When tree branches rub on the roof, they break down the shingle. They may even catch under the shingle edge, which provides just enough lift for wind to get underneath and tear the shingle off in a strong wind gust.

Insurance Claims Assistance

If your home or roof has sustained damage due to a storm or fire, we can help. We accept all insurance claims and because of our advanced Haag training, insurance companies trust that our assessment of roofing damage is accurate. We will let you know if your insurance company should cover roof repair or replacement due to the damage. Our experts will help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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