Expert Replacement Roofing


Removing the old roof is necessary to identify and correct any hidden problems.

When we are replacing a roof, we frequently find places that need a little mending. Removing the old roofing materials down to the decking is necessary for proper inspection and we sometimes find problems that need to be corrected before a new roof can be installed. When this happens, you want a roofing contractor experienced in both roofing and construction in order to complete any repairs properly. 


Unfortunately for many homeowners, a lot of roofers do not remove the existing materials down to the decking. This is problematic since removing the old roofing material is the only way to inspect it and correct any issues such as rotting or damaged wood. Many roofers like to roof overtop of the old roof which is easier for them and may save you money upfront but remember that a lower price does not always mean a good value.

Beware OF water damage

Putting off roof repairs or having a roofing system improperly installed is never a good idea. This can lead to expensive repairs down the road from water damage. Waiting is always the costlier option.

Our experience and dedication differentiates us from other roofing contractors. When a problem arises, you want someone on your roof with years of experience and knowledge. When we find a problem, we don't hurry and cover it up. When we discover problem areas, we have the conviction and know-how to fix it immediately and properly.