Value vs Low Price


Getting the lowest price on your new roof doesn't mean that you are necessarily getting the best value.

Is the price just too good?

Value is more than just getting the lowest price. Sometimes the trade-offs of the lowest price are inferior work or complete fraud. Make sure you are dealing with a licensed roofing contractor. 

At Texas Traditions Roofing, we give you a fair price and do quality work.  When we compete with other experienced roofers, we are always competitively priced. 

There will always be schemers, cheats, and weekend roofers in this profession.  Many part-time roofers have the best of intent, but they fall short on knowledge and ability.

Select a roofer that is licensed by the Roofing Contractors Association of Texasinsured, experienced and certified by the manufacturers.

We are Not Salesmen

We are your trusted roof adviser. We prefer to give you the facts and a quote and let you decide. We won't oversell or over promise, and we always stand behind our quotes.