Why We Don’t Hire Salespeople

Nobody wants to be sold to; most people simply want to know what the best solution is for optimal roof performance.

Many roofing contractors hire professional salespeople whose job it is to sell you a roof or repair services. You may have experienced this in your search for a contractor. A well-dressed, friendly sales person comes out to your home for your appointment and proceeds to pull out a laptop or tablet and talks through a prepared presentation.

They will tell you about their company, about their certifications, about the products they install and warranties. They push a few buttons, print an estimate and pressure you to sign the contract. The problem here is that they did all the talking!

At Texas Traditions Roofing, we only hire trusted Roof Advisers. Their job isn’t just to sell you a roof or a repair or expensive upgrades. Their job is to be able to properly diagnose the roof condition and to listen to your needs. Armed with a proper diagnosis and understanding your needs as the owner, our Roof Advisers will make the best recommendation based on their knowledge of roofing.

After joining our team, Roof Advisers spend hours in training to learn about common roofing problems and how to address those issues. They spend additional time learning hands on and through online training about the different types of products that are available and how each will perform in the harsh Texas climate. We don’t send them into the field to work with our customers until they are fully educated and up to speed.

You can rest assured that a trusted Roof Adviser from Texas Traditions Roofing will listen first, provide an accurate assessment and make honest recommendations for your roofing project. Schedule a free inspection today.