3 Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights without Damaging Your Roof

We love seeing all of the beautifully lit homes at Christmastime! But did you know that hanging lights from your roof and shingles could cause damage to your roof that could lead to water infiltration?

Don’t worry, though, there are ways to decorate your home with lights that won’t jeopardize your roofing system.

Tip #1 – Be careful with ladder placement.

It’s tempting just to take your ladder and lean it right up against the roof and gutter, but that can cause damage to your gutter system. Consider adding a ladder stabilizer that is designed to keep your ladder steady and away from the gutters at the same time. Be sure to follow proper ladder safety practices as well such as always maintaining a 3-point (two hands and one foot, or two feet and a hand) contact while climbing. Review this list of ladder safety tips from OSHA.

Tip #2 – Never hang lights from your shingles. 

There are special plastic clips that are designed to attach easily to the gutter or slip underneath your siding that do a great job of holding the light cord. Attaching lights directly to the shingle could result in shingles cracking, or granule loss which puts your home at an increased risk of leaks.

Tip #3 – Undecorate carefully. After the season ends, it might be tempting just to grab that string of lights and try to yank it out of the clips but don’t do it! Grabbing and yanking can cause damage to your gutters and/or siding should one of those clips choose to not give.

Following these three simple tips will help you safely decorate your home for the holiday without causing damage to one of the most important things protecting your home from the elements – your roof.

If you didn’t follow all the tips and end up with problems, remember that we are happy to provide a free inspection and evaluation of any issues. Request an inspection online anytime.