Austin's Trusted Roof Repair Specialist

We are Austin's trusted roofing contractor because we understand the unique needs of the Austin, TX region. Because Austin is on the Balcones Fault line, homes are continually shifting, which can cause unique structural issues. We don't just show up and patch the problem, we perform a thorough inspection to be sure that the problem isn't being caused by the shifting that is unique to our area. 

Our roof advisers are Haag certified meaning they are professionally trained in advanced damage assessment techniques. They have had extensive training on the manufacture, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage and repair costs for every major roofing type. Not all problems are visible to the untrained eye and are often missed by contractors who don't have the advanced training that our team has. 

Dedicated Roof Repair Team

We've got a dedicated repair division that services the Austin area. We know that when a roof needs to be repaired, it usually can't wait. That's why we always respond quickly and conduct a thorough analysis to identify the full extent of the problem. Whether it be missing or cracked shingles, damaged flashing, leaky skylights or some other problem, our trained experts will find the issue and provide an expert roof leak repair. We also stand behind our work. If we make a repair and you experience a leak afterward, we'll come back and fix it at no cost to you. 

Insurance claims Austin TX

If you are experiencing roof leaks following a severe weather event, there is a chance that your insurance company may cover the cost or repairing the damage. We are happy to meet with your adjuster to help make the process smooth and stress free. 

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