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Texas Traditions Roofing serves the Central Texas area with traditional Texas values of love, respect, serving others and giving back to the community.

We are the home of the Texas STAR Roof System™, providing customers with a Superior Texas All-weather Roof.

Texas Traditions Roofing offers residential and commercial roofing services that start with a free inspection. Whether you have a roof leak, storm or hail damage, loose or curling shingles or need a roof replacement, we can help.

We won’t just sell you a roof. We are your trusted roof adviser who will listen to your needs and provide an honest, straightforward proposal to help you make an informed decision with no obligation and no sales pressure.

Certified Roofing Professionals

Choosing a roofing contractor that is certified by the product manufacturer is important. It means that they are trained in the proper way to install the roof system and can offer warranties from the manufacturers. Texas Traditions Roofing is a certified installer of many different manufacturers’ roof systems.

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Experience Matters

Owners Mike Pickel and Gary Emory bring over 40 years’ combined construction experience together to deliver the quality and service that home and building owners deserve. When an issue arises with your roof, their experienced team has the knowledge and experience to identify problem areas and fix them immediately and properly.

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How much will a new roof cost?

Need a new roof?

If your roof is curling or loosing its grit or you have storm damage, you probably need a new roof. Insurance does not pay to replace an old roof, but It pays to replace a hail damaged roof. Of course, your insurance may cover storm and wind damage as well. In fact, storm damage often causes trees to fall on your roof. If you need a roof replacement because of a tree falling on your house, your insurance may cover this also.

A leaking roof may be a good thing

A leaking roof may let you know you have a problem before you have major damage. You want to know if your leaks are a sign of structural damage. By examining your roof, we can tell if you have water damage to your walls and structure.

Putting off getting a roof replacement can lead to major problems. If you see brown stains on your ceiling, or you lean into a wall and it feels soft and mushy, you need to get a roofer at your home ASAP. Water damage can easily be several times the price of a new roof.

If your new roof is not covered by insurance, we have financing available.

Hail damage

Wind damage

Water damage

The upside of a new roof

1. Manufacturers like GAF and Owens Corning bring out new products and styles on a regular basis. GAF Timberline shingles and Owens Corning Duration shingles add value and curb appeal to your house.
2. Depending on the circumstances, your insurance may pay part, or all, of the cost of a new roof. Never pass up an opportunity to get a free look at the base sheathing of your roof. Hail damage is often a blessing in disguise.

3. When you re-roof, you have an opportunity to examine the sheathing under your roof. Don’t waste this opportunity; repairing your bare roof is minor compared to repairing your ceiling or walls from water damage.

Before you find yourself strategically placing rain buckets, get your roof inspected. Unless you have shingles that have blown off, you rarely can tell from the ground looking up if your roof needs replacing or repairs. The only way to accurately examine your roof is to get up on your roof. Get an on-the-roof inspection..

Never, Ever Re-roof without removing old shingles.

If you cover up old shingles, you miss the chance to inspect and examine your base roof. Regardless that code may allow your to lay new shingles over old, or the manufacturer will warrant overlaid shingles, it is still not the smart thing to do. You do not get many opportunities to examine your sheathing. Remove the old roof and repair any and all damage you may have. This is where you really save money.

Time is of the Essence

You do not want a damaged roof to allow further damage to your house. Repair your damaged roof as soon as possible. Of course, immediate repairs are not always possible. Weather interruptions, slow insurance adjusters, and high demand may make fast repairs impossible. However, your roofing contractor should help you out by putting a plastic tarp over your roof to give temporary protection. Do not delay in getting your roofing contractor lined up.

Roofing Products and Services

GAF, Owens Corning, CertainTeed

Excellent roofing materials

GAF, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed have a variety of roofing materials available different grades and products available. By offering a wide range of products with a wide variety of price ranges, you get a quality product with a dependable guarantee. Through these companies, we provide numerous additional products.

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Texas Traditions Roofing Services

We provide both residential and commercial roofing services throughout the Central Texas area. This includes low slope (flat roofs) and steep slope (most residential homes) roofing systems. A quality roof is much more than just having a layer of material that sheds water. It is ensuring the entire roofing system works together as designed, including the decking, underlayment, roofing material, flashing, and ventilation. We install and repair several residential roof types including a large selection of asphalt shingles to many types of metal roof panels.

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